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Curb to Curb, Inc was founded in 2002, and has built a team with years of experience in outdoor property maintenance. We are 100% locally-owned and operated, and do not employ sub-contractors.

Our goal is to be an industry leader and strategic partner to top property and facilities managers throughout Minneapolis-St. Paul and surrounding South Central Minnesota communities.

About Our Sweeping Equipment:

Regenerative air sweeper equipment removes the fine particulate that degrades paved surfaces and contributes to polluting storm water runoff. A closed-loop regenerative air system means that all the debris from the surface goes into the hopper. Fines are removed with a centrifugal dust separator and cleaned air blasts the surface again.

This airtight design delivers high performance efficiency for all sweeping applications and makes regenerative air equipment the best all around, multi-purpose sweeper.

Mechanical broom sweepers easily handle heavy compacted dirt and bulky debris. Broom sweepers utilize a main broom for picking up debris, which is then sent to a conveyor and ultimately lands in a debris body, or hopper. Mechanical broom sweepers remain the standard for sweeping extremely heavy or packed-down material such as road millings.

A well-designed sweeping maintenance program incorporates Sweeping Industry Best Management Practices, pairs the appropriate type of sweeping equipment to a particular pavement and has a positive impact on property aesthetics as well as on local lakes, rivers and streams.

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