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Clean curb lines and corners, spotless perimeter areas, neat islands and gum-free sidewalks…

A professionally maintained exterior environment enhances the lasting impression of your property.

Let us design a sweeping schedule suited to your needs and budget:

  • Periodic patrol sweeps: Nightly, weekly, monthly: scheduled to meet your business demands and customer patterns.

  • Spring Clean Up: The annual sweep that targets that accumulation of salt, sand and snow-locked debris so typical after a Minnesota winter.

  • Fall sweep and Monthly sweeps:  Preventative maintenance to increase the life of your paved areas and rationalize your maintenance budget

  • On-demand sweeps:  Scheduled for construction, seasonal requirements and special events such as grand openings and new lease launches 

  • Portering services: Includes the emptying of trash receptacles and hand collection of debris on turf and landscape areas.

  • Construction sweeping: Heavy duty power broom sweepers are used for milling and grinding operations, new pavement, dust and debris collection, preparation for site inspection and EPA /MPCA compliance.

  • Municipal sweeping: Street sweeping improves road way aesthetics and minimizes storm water contamination by pollutants, including sediment, debris, trash, road salt, and trace metals.

  • Enclosed garage and parking ramp sweeping: Including underground garages, apartment and condominium facilities, office buildings, hospital and medical buildings, parking ramps, warehouses and industrial facilities.

We are expert in these areas, as well:   

  • Snow Plowing and Salting: Comprehensive 24/7 winter services to keep parking areas, sidewalks and pedestrian areas safe in winter.

  • Turf Maintenance and Lawn Care: Including mowing, edging, de-thatching, leaf pick up, fertilization, weed control, and irrigation.


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